Marcel Flendrie is a musician/songwriter/artist from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. His main instrument is the guitar.
His music has been described as an intuitive blend of pop, jazz, classical and blues/rock. His artwork comprises of drawings, graphic design, photo’s and an incidental poem.

Ate the age of twelve, he learned guitar and was one of the founding members of the first Dutch all guitar boy coverband ‘the cheeseheads’. Unfortunately, the band broke up after the first performance, due to bad management. No recordings have been known to have stand the test of time.

Musical likes and influences have been many; Hendrix, Stones, Jeff Buckley, Keith Jarrett, Bowie, Zappa, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Peppers, Santana, Bowie, Deus, Pink Floyd, Prince, Bach, Neil Young, Traffic, Van Morrison, Sly and the family stone, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Ry Cooder, Paco de Lucia, Steven Wilson.